Why Choose Us

There are many great reasons to choose us as we strive to ensure customer satisfaction in each of our product. We understand that all you want is a simple solution to your lengthy sales process. Boxben helps businesses to reach their full potential by achieving results better and faster. 

Boxben is result oriented
Just like any businesses, we understand the need for business sustainability. Your business is growing, and customers are getting harder to manage. You just want to focus on closing your sales at a quicker pace. Boxben will help with automating the process while you collaborate within your company which would produce a better planning and deliver better results. 
Boxben to empower your business
Take total control of your business process as Boxben provides all the necessary tools. With Boxben being in the cloud, all information are centralised for easy management and accessibility. Easy distribution and collection of data  across different teams or segregated groups from varying location. This will ensure consistent communication and uniform delivery by your whole sales team. Best of all, Boxben gives you the business tool to track and analyse the performance of your team. 
Boxben CRM

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Boxben Family Suites


With Boxben platform, it helps you build a good nurturing strategy from your pool of potential clients as well as the existing clients


Boxben Invoice offers complete Invoicing solution from Quotation to Payment that helps you and your team on the move.