What is Boxben Invoice?

Boxben Invoice simplifies your work in creating professional looking business documents such as Invoice, Order, Quotation and Credit Notes in minutes. With our readymade document templates, you can easily personalized your Invoice, Order, Quotation and Credit Notes and send them automatically to your valuable customers.

Boxben Invoice for Your Business

Boxben Invoice provides you with the necessary features to take your business to the next level. Whether you are just starting out as freelancers, small business or an established corporate, Boxben Invoice has what it takes to generate business invoices to your valued customers.

Boxben Invoice has features that cater to all industry segments; from retail to manufacturing, healthcare, consultancy, hospitality and many more.

What are the benefits of using Boxben Invoice?

Mobility Convenience
Send invoices anytime, straight from your mobile phones or tablet with Boxben Invoice app. Whether you are taking Orders in the fields, sending pricing to your customers or you have completed your job, simply pull out your mobile devices and generate your Invoice, Order, Quotation and Credit Notes. Your customer will receive instant business documents sent in pdf format in their email. Simultaneously, your office will receive a copy of the Invoice, Order, Quotation and Credit Notes that you have sent.
Manage Your Invoice and Finance Smartly
If you have to generate the same Invoice to your customer repeatedly, why not automate it. Boxben Invoice can help you to issue and send recurring Invoices automatically on a chosen date and time. Your customer can receive their Invoices on weekly, monthly or yearly basis in their email inbox. With this, you will never forget to bill your customer anymore.
Flexible Invoice and Bill Content
Boxben Invoice gives you the flexibility to customize your Invoice and bill content. With the readily available tools like Tax, Discount and Item listing, you can easily customize any Invoices and bills to fit your business needs. Set group or compounded tax, apply itemized discount or add new line items to your Invoices are made easier than you ever imagined. So, start sending unlimited Invoices with customized contents to unlimited customer as you like with Boxben Invoice.
Document Automation
Boxben Invoice automates your internal process from the time you start quoting, taking orders, generate invoice and collects payment from your customer. With the automated built-in processes, you can just convert any Orders into Quotation and then convert the Quotation into Invoices without having to regenerate different business documents with similar contents. This reduces human errors and ensure you have pass over the correct and accurate content and amount into each Quotation, Order and Invoice.
Always In The Know
Boxben Invoice keeps you informed on your sales and collection status with comprehensive analytics available in the Dashboard. Know your cash flow and aging of each of your invoices is important to keep track of your financial health and helps you to forecast and prepare for future growth.
Invoice Your Customer in this Quick and Easy Steps
  1. Setup your account
  2. Add customers and items to your Invoices
  3. Save and send your Invoices
  4. Receive and record payments
Professional Invoice Look
Create elegant looking business Invoices, Orders, Quotation and Credit Notes with your company logo in just a few clicks using our Invoice templates. Enjoy the freedom of generating unlimited Invoices and other business documents anytime anywhere with our cloud platform. Boxben Invoice gives you the short cut menu to convert Orders and Quotation into Invoices and email them to your customer automatically.
Collect Payment Online Easily
With Boxben Invoice, not only do you send bills to your customers but you can also collect payment electronically from them too. With just a few clicks, you can set up and integrate with major payment gateway of your choice and start collecting payments from your customer. Boxben Invoice lets you record the payment you received be it online or offline and reconcile against the invoices you issued. You can enjoy time savings and track and monitor payment statuses easily with our real-time reporting. It’s time to get paid faster with easier payment process.
Invoice in Various Currencies
What’s more, you can choose to bill your customers in any part of the world in multiple currencies depending on your business dealings with them with just a few clicks. Simply set the currencies and the conversion rate for your Invoice and Boxben Invoice will do the rest for you.

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