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Automate Workflow With Boxben CRM

Saves You Time By Automating Repetitive Tasks

Boxben CRM Automation: How

You may ask.

Simple, you can create and customise automated workflows to make the day-to-day tasks of running your business much simpler.

When you use Boxben CRM Automation, you can create workflows that instruct what actions they should take on your behalf. Think of it as delegating work that is too mundane and repetitive to do, and instead of assigning this work to a person, you assign this task to a built-in intelligent bot assistant.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Automation?

Saves Time
Spend less time manually
Boosts Productivity
Boosts productivity, allows for more multi-tasking
Easy To Set Up
Programming skills are not necessary or required to configure the automation
Auto Delegation
Automate task assignment, delegate selected tasks to specific employees
Auto Notification
Set up project, task, submission deadlines
24/7 Reliability
Automation bots work tirelessly 24/7 with no interruption
Eliminate risks of human error (like manual data entry error or missed timelines)
Tracking & Accountability
Keep team members on track and accountable for tasks and due dates (with automatic triggers)

Did You Know?



"Only the sales team benefits from CRM Automation."


"It also applies to MANY business functions."

You can set up workflows and streamline your processes in many business functions.

Like in Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Customer Service/Support Centre, IT/Technical Management, Procurement, Accounts/Finance

In short, the list is endless!

How Does It Work?

Easily set up your workflows using Boxben without any coding knowledge

  1. Step1

    Determine Which Processes To Automate

  2. Step2

    Create & Name New Automation

  3. Step3

    Set The Trigger

  4. Step4

    Optional: Assign One Or Multiple Conditions

  5. Step5

    Set The Action(s) To Which The Trigger Will Lead

  6. Step6


Pro-tip Pro-tip: Run your new workflows and regularly test them; you can always edit, revise and adjust as needed. And, don’t forget to inform your teams of all workflow changes!

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