What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management or better known as CRM is a solution that helps you to manage your customer relationship and salesactivities. The CRM software helps you to develop, retain and acquire new customers throughout the sales cycle by keeping track of your customers’ information. CRM brings together information from different sources which also gives you a holistic view of each customer statuses in your sales processes.CRM allows your sales and marketing team to make better and informed business decisions which would result in better customer communications and relationships.

Why do we need CRM?

CRM aims to deepen customer understanding and creates long lasting relationship. With CRM, companies streamline their work processes while improving efficiency and salesproductivity. CRM improves and expand the capabilities of your sales and marketing team. CRM helps to prioritize sales and marketing effort and at the same time improves responsiveness towards focused marketing campaigns.

Knowing your customer and their needs can give insights of opportunities to grow your business with each customer. Your sales team will spend less time looking scouting for information, instead focusing more on collaborating with your customers.

CRM offers a platform to enable your sales team to reach out to customer easily. SalesCRM can make a significant difference on achieving effective sales results over time. In summary, CRM plays a vital role in any businesses by streamlining your sales processes and achieving automation.

What are the benefits of using CRM?

Improves customer relationships
With Boxben CRM, businesses can capture the entire customer journey, end to end. Knowing your customer’s behavior and likings is the livelihood of every business. Boxben CRM brings to businesses higher success rates in closing more sales with our extensive CRM offerings.
Reduce costs
Boxben CRM offers a simple and easy to use platform for any business. You do not need expensive IT investment with our ready to use cloud based CRM solution. With just a simple sign-up, your sales team can head out and start closing sales while you spend less time on administrative work. Mundane data entry on sales data can be eliminated with advanced CRManalytics report and sales target management capabilities. Boxben CRM brings automation to sales processes which can then lead to better customer satisfaction.
Increase sales
Boxben CRM focus primarily on customer related processes and improves the process by understanding and meeting customer needs. CRM can help businesses to generate more sales through cross-selling or up-selling.
Centralized customer and sales data
With Boxben CRM, all your customer and sales data are collected into a single repository. Your sales team is always up-to-date on sales data and customer statuses. With complete and accurate CRM information on customer and sales target, sales and marketing team can focus their energy on the right business. Boxben CRM offers customer support team easy to search customer record and allows fast response to business and sales request and enquiries.

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